Drum Spill Bunds: A Guide to Liquid Containment

The team at SpillShop are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality spill response equipment to both prevent, and effectively clean up, pollution incidents. One piece of equipment which any facility storing, handling, or using liquids is likely to need are drum spill bunds. Bunds are designed to contain spills and leaks from liquids used, stored, or processed above ground, and to facilitate clean-up operations in the event of an incident.

A bund is defined by the EPA as an impervious embankment of earth, or a wall of brick, stone, concrete or other suitable material, which may form part or all of the perimeter of a compound that provides a barrier to retain liquid. Since a bund is the main part of a spill containment system, the entire system is referred to within the industry as a bund. Bunding is required for industries including mining, oil, gas, workshop, manufacturing, and waste management, and on construction sites.

In this guide, we introduce the different types of bunding supplied by SpillShop, from polyethylene drum spill bunds and IBC bunds to temporary spill mats and floor bunding:

Polyethylene Drum Bunds

Manufactured from UV-stabilised polyethylene, polyethylene drum bunds are typically used to provide the safe storage of liquids at the location they are used in a manufacturing or workshop process. Our range of SpillBoss drum spill bunds come as 1, 2 and 4 drum capacity spill pallets, and feature a heavy-duty, robust design. Drum spill bunds are sturdy, long-lasting and easy to clean, while possessing excellent chemical resistance. This type of bund is also easy to stack and move whilst empty using a forklift or pallet truck.

Polyethylene IBC Bunds

Able to store 1 or 2 x 1000 litre IBCs depending on the bund, SpillBoss polyethylene IBC bunds have a capacity which exceeds EPA requirements. This means that you can ensure that your business is compliant with current regulations. SpillBoss polyethylene IBC bunds are fully recyclable and chemical resistant, as well as being nestable for easy transport. If outdoor storage is required, SpillShop also stocks various types of frames and covers for both drum and IBC bunds, effectively protecting your bunds from all types of weather.

Polyethylene Workfloors

Most often used in mechanical workshops, polyethylene workfloors are used where liquids are wheeled from one place to another, as well as for when liquids need to be safely stored in an accessible location. Using a versatile modular system, multiple workfloors can be placed together to make one large, level bunded area where required. Ramps are also available, making it easy to wheel drums of liquid on and off the workfloors. These slip-resistant workfloors are ideal for machine cleaning and lubricating duties, while the polyethylene ramps feature integrated locking pins for stability and a low gradient for ease of use.

Polyethylene Spill Trays

Used in laboratories, workshops, on construction sites, and in manufacturing facilities, polyethylene spill trays come in 20, 30, 40, 60 and 100 litre sump capacities. Ideal for temporary benchtop storage of smaller volumes of liquids, spill trays feature a lightweight, industrial grade construction for sturdiness and chemical resistance. These polyethylene spill trays are fully nestable when the uniquely textured non-slip grates are removed, and can be used to create bunded shelving if required.

Collapsible Bunds

Providing a tough, portable bunding solution, SpillBoss collapsible bunds are manufactured from heavy-duty, UV-stabilised PVC fabric. Collapsible bunds are commonly used by facilities requiring portable, temporary, or collapsible liquid storage, including energy and utilities providers, defence forces, and transport companies. This type of bund can be used to store drums, IBCs and transformers, as well as for temporary bunding of fuel tankers or oversize containers, and can be custom made to almost any size.

Temporary Spill Mats

Primarily used when there is a need to temporarily bund drums, generators, or jerry cans on site, temporary spill mats are a lightweight and portable liquid containment solution. Temporary spill mats can be quickly deployed to prevent fuel overflow and ground contamination during vehicle refuelling or to provide temporary bunded storage for chainsaws, and are used by a range of industries including forestry organisations, civil contractors, mining, oil, and gas projects, and local governments.

Floor Bunding

Used for a range of applications, floor bunding is available from SpillShop in two variants: a lightweight EVA foam bund and a heavy-duty urethane bund. The EVA foam bund is excellent for light traffic areas, or where a quick and easy floor bund solution is needed, while the urethane bund is ideal for heavy vehicle traffic and permanent bund areas. Floor bunding can be used to create bunded areas for product storage or washdown bays, as well as to prevent water coming in through workshop doors. Floor bunding is commonly used by service stations, refuelling sites, washdown bays, and workshops, as well as on mining, oil, and gas sites.

No matter your facility or industry, all liquid storage must comply with local, state and federal regulations. The typical requirements for bunding is that the bund must have sufficient capacity to contain 110% of the volume of the largest container, or 25% of the total volume stored on the bund, whichever happens to be greater.

Please note that storage requirements do vary depending on the product being stored. Flammable liquids, corrosive substances, oxidising agents and organic peroxides should be stored in compliant dangerous goods safety cabinets rather than using bunds. Please see our FAQ for more information on drum spill bunds, or Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.