Drain Protection: A Guide to Pollution Guards and Drain Covers

At SpillShop, we are dedicated to providing our customers with effective spill response and liquid containment equipment across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. One simple way to contain spills and protect the environment is drain protection, which can be easily implemented at almost any site or facility. Once a spill enters a drainage system, clean-up rapidly becomes much more difficult, time consuming, and expensive for your business.

In this guide, we introduce the different types of drain protection that you can implement at your facility, discuss the benefit of pollution guards and drain covers in a pollution incident, and outline how to install and use drain protection to contain a spill:

Types of Drain Protection

SpillShop stocks two different types of drain protection for your facility, in the form of drain covers and drain pollution guards.

The Spillboss Polyurethane Drain Cover comes in 460mm, 610mm, 910mm and 1200mm square sizes, and is used to prevent spills from getting into drains. Manufactured from polyurethane, these drain covers can be easily cleaned after a pollution incident to make them ready for their next use.

Drain Pollution Guards are designed to trap hydrocarbons, sediment, leaves, and rubbish, stopping debris and harmful chemicals before they reach our waterways. Manufactured from a heavy-duty geofabric filter material, drain pollution guards are highly effective at trapping silt and other material while having a low resistance to water.

We also stock Polyurethane Spill Berms, which are used to contain spills on hard surfaces. Made from the same material as our drain covers, these spill berms are flexible, able to bend to suit angles and curves, and effectively seal off drains to prevent seepage of contaminants.

Benefit of Drain Covers in a Pollution Incident

Drain covers are the perfect solution for sealing drains during an emergency. The dual hardness laminated polyurethane construction allows our range of drain covers to form to surface contours, and seal tightly to prevent seepage. SpillBoss drain covers are compatible with most chemicals, solvents, and fuels and oils, making them an efficient solution for spill containment. Some of our customers include businesses in the energy generation, oil and gas, construction, mechanical workshop, and manufacturing industries. Drain covers are also useful on industrial sites where there is a risk of spills spreading to drains and waterways.

Drain pollution guards are an ideal preventative measure to block debris and contaminants from entering stormwater drains. The geofabric used in their construction allows water to enter drains while preventing silt and other material from getting through. Drain pollution guards come with a floating polypropylene bilge sock, which is highly effective at absorbing hydrocarbons, and are simple to both install and replace. These guards are designed for use at a range of locations, including retail centres, parking lots and council yards, and our customers include waste management and industrial companies, oil, gas and mining companies, local governments, construction sites, and mechanical workshops.

How to Use Drain Pollution Guards to Contain a Spill

Drain covers should form an essential part of your emergency spill response procedure. If there is danger of a spill entering a drain, a drain cover is a simple solution for your facility. All you need to do is unroll the drain cover and place it over the drain. This will seal off the drain, and allow you to deal with the spill without having to worry about contaminants entering the waterway.

Installing a drain pollution guard to protect your drain from contaminants is also an easy procedure. You will need to lift the drain grate, clean the pit, and then install the pollution guard. You should then insert the absorbent bilge sock, replace the grate, and trim the excess material back to approximately 5cm from the grate. Since pollution guards can be cut to size once in place, they will fit almost any drain. Drain pollution guards are critical for efficient drainage and water flow, while preventing sediment and hydrocarbons from polluting stormwater.

Drain protection is a simple and environmentally friendly method of spill containment. Click here for more tips on how to make your business environmentally sustainable. For more information about drain covers and drain pollution guards, call SpillShop on +61 2 8520 4270 or Contact Us today to discuss your needs.

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