Spill Response and Containment: A Guide to Safety Equipment

At SpillShop, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality safety equipment for spill response and liquid containment. Spills and other pollution incidents can happen without warning, and in an emergency it always pays to be prepared. Unsure which safety equipment your facility needs? Here is a quick guide to the safety equipment used to secure any leaks or spills:

Absorbent for Safety Equipment


At SpillShop, we offer a range of polypropylene absorbents, which can be used to absorb corrosive, oil-based and chemical spills. There are three different formats available; pads, pillows, and booms. Booms are used to contain spills, pillows to absorb leaks, drips, and spills, and pads to absorb liquids and wipe down plant and equipment. Please click the link to browse our range of absorbents.


Granular absorbents are a quick and easy way to absorb spilled oil, fuel, solvents, chemicals, paints and many other liquids. SpillShop stocks the SpillBoss brand of granules, which come in mineral, natural and organic types. Each type is appropriate for different liquids, so ensure that you choose one which suits your facility’s requirements. These granules are biodegradable and have a high absorption capacity. Follow the link to view our range of granular absorbents.

Spill Response Kit for Safety Equipment

Spill Kits

SpillShop carries an extensive range of spill kits, each of which contains absorbents which have been specially developed to contain and absorb spills of a particular type of liquid. We offer two types of spill kits: vehicle spill kits, which can fit inside most vehicle cabs and are ideal as a first response measure, and wheelie bin spill kits, which can be stored inside warehouses and facilities and easily moved around a site to the location of a spill. Click through to learn more about our range of spill kits and components.


Bunds are safe portable storage solutions for different sized containers and drums. These spill containment products are designed to contain and manage spills, and come in varying types, including poly drum and IBC bunds, poly workfloors and spill trays, collapsible bunds and temporary spill mats, and floor bunding. Unsure which type of bunding would suit your facility? Browse our range of bunding and you’ll find what you need.

Drip Tray Equipment for Spill Response and Containment

Drain Protection

At SpillShop, we also offer drain protection solutions for your facility or business. Drain pollution guards are designed for use in square drainage pits anywhere debris and contaminants can enter stormwater, including on construction sites, in parking lots and at factories. These guards can fit almost any drain size, are easy to install, and come with a floating polypropylene bilge sock to absorb hydrocarbons. Drain covers are designed to stop spills going down drains, and will form a seal with almost any hard surface. Find what you need to protect your site by viewing our range of drain protection products.

Our aim at SpillShop is to provide our customers with safe and environmentally friendly products for handling any type of liquid spills. Our product range includes the most efficient tools for the job and can be conveniently purchased online. SpillShop now exports to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines. For more information on our services in each of these countries, head to our Export page.

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