Being able to effectively deal with a pollution incident out on site is just as important as dealing with a spill at your facility or business premises. It is vital to have the appropriate spill equipment on hand to quickly contain spills, whether you are working on an oil, mining, gas or construction site, in a workshop or laboratory, for a forestry organisation, or are frequently on the road transporting freight or fuel.

This month, we outline the essential pieces of spill equipment you need to deal with a pollution incident on site:

Vehicle Spill Kits

The first essential piece of spill equipment that you should have with you on site is a vehicle spill kit. Vehicle spill kits are a compact type of spill kit packed in a soft bag, small enough to fit inside service vehicles or in toolboxes. Having a vehicle spill kit easily accessible in the case of an incident could mean the difference between successfully containing a spill, or having it enter a waterway or damaging the surrounding environment. SpillShop stocks general purpose, oil and fuel, and chemical vehicle spill kits, each of which contain equipment to clean up particular types of spills. Please keep in mind that vehicle spill kits are ideal as a first response measure, but other spill equipment products may also be required to effectively contain a spill; many sites will also include wheelie bin spill kits in their incident response plan as they can quickly be moved to the location of an incident and have a much higher absorbent capacity.

Personal Protective Equipment

Another important part of spill response is ensuring that you and the people around you are safe from any potentially harmful substances. Personal protective equipment or PPE is provided in the majority of spill kits, with the specific pieces included depending on the grade and type of kit. Personal protective equipment includes items such as safety goggles, PVC or nitrile gloves, and disposable coverall suits. It can be handy to have extra items of PPE with you on site in case of a pollution incident. At SpillShop, we supply a complete range of components for restocking your spill kit, including personal protective equipment for your eyes, skin, and clothes.

Temporary Spill Mats

In some work situations it is necessary to have generators, drums, and jerry cans out on site to refuel vehicles and machinery. However fuel overflow, leaks, or splashes can easily contaminate the ground and cause lasting environmental damage. Temporary spill mats are an efficient way to contain liquids and catch fuel overflow; they are even used to provide storage for chainsaws in the forestry industry. Temporary spill mats are lightweight, portable, and able to be quickly deployed on site, making them very popular with civil contractors and mining projects. For a more heavy duty temporary storage solution, you could also use collapsible portable bunds. Please note that liquid storage must comply with local, state and federal regulations. See our FAQ for more details.


When on site, it is always useful to have spill equipment which can be used on both hard and soft surfaces, and both indoors and outdoors. Absorbent granules are a loose absorbent which can cover and be swept through spills in order to absorb them, or be used to create a dyke around spilt liquids to contain them. Granules can absorb a range of liquids including oil, fuel, solvents and chemicals, and are commonly used on large construction projects, in workshops, and by emergency services and roads departments. At SpillShop, we supply three main types of granular absorbents. The P35 Premium Mineral Absorbent is great for spills on hard surfaces such as concrete, while the P95 Premium Natural Absorbent is ideal for highway and construction spills, and the P85 Premium Organic Absorbent is suitable for hydrocarbon-based spills, and can be used on both land and even water if necessary. Please ensure that you choose the type of granule appropriate for the liquids you will be absorbing.

spill response construction site

Polyurethane Drain Covers

Another thing to consider when on site is the location of any nearby drains, as cleaning up a spill which has entered a drainage system quickly becomes difficult, time consuming, and expensive. This is why polyurethane drain covers are invaluable for spill containment. A drain cover will form a tight seal when placed over drains requiring protection, preventing liquids from seeping through and contaminating nearby waterways. Drain covers are easy to deploy in the event of a pollution incident, and can be easily cleaned afterwards ready for future use. You will often find drain covers being used on industrial and construction sites as well as in mechanical workshops, where there is a moderate to high risk of spills spreading to drains.


Absorbents are one of the most useful types of spill response equipment to have on site. We stock a wide range of polypropylene absorbents, which can be used to clean up spills, absorb leaks and soak up any liquid left on surfaces or machinery. Oil absorbent pads are commonly used to clean up oil spills, while absorbent pillows can catch drips and leaks as a semi-permanent spill control measure, and absorbent booms contain spills on both land and water, although we suggest using our marine absorbent booms for the best results on water. Absorbents are used in all industries, and can be found in most grades of spill kits.

Wiping Cloths

The final essential piece of spill response equipment we recommend having with you on site are industrial absorbent wipes. These wipes are ideal for a range of environments including manufacturing facilities, construction sites, laboratories, and workshops. Our iIndustrial absorbent wipes have a large absorbency capacity, and can be used to remove oil, grease, silicone, foam, ink, and adhesives from both surfaces and people. They collect dirt similar to a microfibre cloth, making it easy to clean up the last stages of a spill from both hard and soft surfaces. At SpillShop, we stock Ultra Grime wiping cloths, which are the best industrial wet wipe currently available on the Australian market. Ultra Grime wiping cloths are also dermatologically tested, ensuring that they are safe to use on your hands after dealing with an on site spill.

At SpillShop, we are dedicated to helping our customers prevent and clean up spills, minimising their environmentally damaging and financially costly effects. Is your facility prepared to respond to a pollution incident? Head to our blog post on preparing your facility for effective spill response in 2019 to find out.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our range of spill response equipment, or Contact Us today to discuss your needs.